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The Raspberry Pi Compute Module →

The Raspberry Pi has already been used for insanely many tings, some which are quite cool and useful, but this is probably what is going to kick it up another notch. Well worth checking out the fine details and start planning!

Pre-Orders Open For GDEmu: Sega Dreamcast SD Card ISO Loading Add-On Device →

How could you improve the already awesome Dreamcast? You make it read software from an SD care instead of GD-ROM, that’s how!

Most glorious news! They're back! →

If this isn’t some big April’s Fool joke, this will be awesomely awesome!

I am in the Movie for DSi/3DS →

This looks rally cool. Yeah, sure, you could probably find an app or five that does something similar… ish, on the App Store or Google Play. But this is running on a game console. Which makes it more cool in my little world.

OutRun Confirmed As Sega's Next 3D Classic On Nintendo 3DS →

OutRun? On the Nintendo 3DS? Yes please! Now i really have to save up some money and get into this whole modern portable gaming thingy.

Announcing: A Simple Guide To A Healthy Digital Life

At long last, after much toiling away at late hours of the day, I am proud to announce that I am publishing my first book next week.

This is not the work of fiction I began a long time ago, but rather a brand new beast with a very different intent. After hearing many stories of grief over the years, all related to computers and how they have failed or otherwise managed to make a bad situation worse, I came to the decision of writing a guide to a better digital life.

You shouldn’t have to be a computer expert in order to reap the benefits of computers being ever more intertwined with our daily lives. With this guide, I will go though the key things I think most people might not know, but could benefit a lot from knowing.

On launch there will be four chapters available. The topics of these are security, obtaining software, obtaining hardware, and backing up your information. This is a living book, to steal a term from Patrick Rhone, and it will be updated with more information and good-to-know things as you give me feedback, questions, and suggestions.

The date of launch is set to the 24th of March, and you can already pre-order a copy. You will get a DRM-free version in PDF, ePub, and Kindle (mobi) format, so you should be able to read it on nearly any device out there.

Pre-order your copy here!

'Ghostbusters' director won't helm third film, but says it's on the way →

I wouldn’t mind seeing the guys get together and bust some ghosts one last time, but I don’t know anymore. If this turns out to be true and there actually is a Ghostbusters 3 released at some point, I’ll probably check it out, but adjust my expectations accordingly.

Slimo - iPhone charger - No cases No cables required!!! →

Highly interesting concept that looks pretty solid. It’s not perfect as far as wireless charging goes, but it’s a darn nicely designed and thought through product. Definitely worth checking out if you want to upgrade your lightning-port equipped iPhone to wireless charging.