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Streakmachine.com is the place where Robert Falck writes about technology, for the most part. There are occasional deviations into other topics, such as writing, video games, environmentally friendly things, and how society is changing with them.


Any and all analysis on this site is based on the experience and knowledge of Robert Falck and should be taken for what it is. Whatever analysis you read and whatever speculation you find here, is not to be taken as absolute truth or fact.

Should a product be reviewed on this site and money has changed owners, the review will clearly state so. Regardless of the case, it will not alter the outcome of the review in question. If you have a product you want reviewed on this site, please get in touch.

You are always free to pay for a review, but it will not alter the final verdict. Doesn’t really matter how many zeroes the fee includes.


Robert Falck is a freelance tech writer, Internet troublemaker, and consultant for hire.

If you want to listen to what Robert listens to, check out his Huffduffer

For some Robert’s ventures in photography, check out his Flickr page.

If you want to know what the homescreen of Robert’s iPhone 3G looks like, check out his Homescreen.me page.

The best way to get in touch with Robert is via TwitterApp.net about.me page.